Monday, March 16, 2009

The New Baby Guo Guo

We went away the week after Christmas, and when we came back, we found that the guard dog at the hostel had given birth to puppies! We didn't even really know she was pregnant, although right before we left, Kris suspected something was up with the dog... If you've had the pleasure?! of meeting this dog , child-bearing doesn't really fit with her personality... Kris said he didn't want to ask the landlord for one of the puppies until he had time to see if they were cute or not (hmmm... who could possibly be the spouce of this dog?? She lets NOTHING near her!) But now, when we got back after our vacation, the landlord had given all the puppies away but one. Maybe someday we'll get a nice dog out here. We have to admit, though, that the remaining puppy is pretty cute, and super friendly and playful with Adalia! Nearly every day now, Adalia can't wait to play with the "Baby Guo Guo (Chinese for dog)".

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  1. This little video clip is adorable! How cute watching Adalia walk around with her little pink parasol!! Hugs! Erin