Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in Bangkok

I'm back much sooner than I ever expected. Yesterday I flew here to figure out what's been happening with little Indira. She has been having trouble eating and breathing, with many scary nights for me. Today she had a barium swallow X-ray at the hospital. She looked so cute in her tiny little hospital gown. The best news from today was that it looks like she doesn't have a fistula, our worst case scenario option. I'm so grateful. I'm also exhausted, deeply exhausted. So I look forward to more appointments tomorrow. Hopefully, we can figure out what this is.

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  1. Hi Steph! My mom called me to let me know that an old friend from New Mexico days was there to help you guys out in the hospital! I love how Facebook and other new ways of communication can bring us all togehter over the years and the miles! The news was that things are going pretty well! I hope it continues that way and you all will be able to be hospital free soon! Emily