Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lilian's Last Day...And Indira First Mountain Climb

(Barb's picture since the camera battery decided to die just as we reached the top)

Today was Lilian's last day living in Kangding. We love this woman! She has happily brought so much love to Zhilam Hostel this year. We will all miss her smiling face and endless hard work...and the way she couldn't refuse to make someone dinner at midnight. Her last day here in town turned into a gorgeous one without a cloud in the sky and nearly every foreigner living in town had the same idea: go to the mountains and enjoy the unbelievable weather! There were nearly 12 of us who went, squeezed into two vehicles. Adalia, Somtso and Mulan ran down the sand dunes until they all couldn't stay awake a moment longer. Half of us decided to climb the ridge to get a 360 view of the area, and although it was a steep hike, the view at the top was worth it all. The climb was also Indira's first big mountain climb...er, ride on the back (lucky girl). At the end, she did want to get down and walk herself on the tundra. Earlier in the day, she decided to walk into the lake and fall down, so we had left her wet shoes behind. She climbed the last part of the ridge in her tights...the grass was soft! Right when we were rounding to the top of the ridge, my camera battery died. What unfortunate timing! Thanks to Barb, we have one picture of Indira and I on the top but I guess we'll just have to come back again someday for the pictures of the incredible view from the top. Then we all headed back down the steep ridge past the yak carcass to the cars...and back home to the hostel. Good-bye Lilian! We will never forget you!

Setting off from the hostel.

Driving up to the lake. Can you make out Kris on his motorcycle ahead of us?
Hmmm. I can't really either, but that's why I took the picture!

The little ones always head straight to the water.
Right about where Indira also decided to sit down in the water.

Enjoying Lilian, the peaks and the sunshine...

Kris happy with three of his girls.

All of us plus Somtso and the puppy.

Setting off on the hike up the ridge with the two tiny cars down below by the lake.

My heroes, Barb and Liz...

Two of the most incredible women in this world!

One of the world's better places to hold a sweet, cuddling baby.

And she's up and wanting to summit on her own two feet!

Come on Indira! You can do it!

Heading back to the cars...
(With a final picture from the camera after placing the battery in the sun for a small recharge.)


  1. Ohhhhh my word. The scenery is breathtaking. And I just LOVE how my nieces are growing up there! (Despite the fact that I never get to see them). Of all the blogs I look at, your's tops them all. Hands down.

  2. seriously gorgeous, you guys. living in colorado we tickle ourselves that we get to live here. but you guys have the real mountains :-)