Thursday, April 14, 2011

A New Patio

Since we rented this building 3 years ago, we have had problems with water leaking from the ceiling in one of the dorm rooms, and water damage on the far wall of the building because our patio didn't have a thick enough layer of cement. Ever since we've opened we've wanted it done, but the landlord has kept saying he will do it when he's finished his other building projects. I've been dreading which day he will do it, as the project blocks off access to the front door and the two outdoor rooms for 3 days to a week. Unlike the pessimistic scenario I often imagined, he has begun the project this week, which we are thrilled about. Business has been very slow due to travel restrictions, making it a perfect week to do it. We are delighted we don't have to try to manage the water problem another whole season, or deal with this in the middle of managing a lot of guests. For now, we just have to exit and enter our house by walking across a thin board, and use the downstairs double doors for the hostel. Definitely worth the momentary inconvenience.

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