Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate Father's Day... We are still enjoying all the amazing food options available to us with childish delight after being away from "restaurant diversity" for so long! While we were waiting to be seated, Adalia and were walking around the mall and as we walked past a bookstore, I just had to go in and see for myself our Zhilam Hostel listing in the most recent China Lonely Planet. What an unbelievable life dream to actually see our hostel listed along the Sichuan-Tibet Highway... I couldn't help but say a "Yahoo!" outloud - and get a few stares from the other shoppers. But I was happy and I couldn't care less. ;) I recently asked Kris, "In the last 6 months, what do you feel the most proud of?" Having just opened the hostel, something we've been dreaming of for years, I was surprised and loved his answer... Instead of all the other amazing things he has to be proud of, he said, "Adalia. We made such a beautiful and sweet little girl." I hope she always knows that even when her father had just achieved a major life dream, he was still more proud of her than anything else.

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  1. Adalia is such a cutie-pie!! How I wish we lived closer!!! Just want you to know that you are much in my thoughts and prayers as d-day approaches! Hugs!