Friday, June 12, 2009

Lightening in Bangkok

Today Adalia and I flew to meet Kris in Bangkok and begin the wait for the baby! We were so happy to see Kris again! We flew down in the morning, got moved into our new apartment, went for a doctor's appointment and then got in a taxi to meet Kris when he flew in to the airport. Unfortunately, because of Friday evening traffic, the whole taxi ride to pick Kris up and back took almost 3 hours -- ugh, but Adalia did great. From the expressway in standstill traffic we had front row seats to some dramatic lightening storms over the city... And when we returned home that evening, I realized that I too had experienced "lightening"... My lady has dropped and now that we're all together again, we can all breathe a little easier and enjoy however many days we have left before she makes her grand appearance.

Adalia pretending to call Kris on the phone when our plane landed in Bangkok.

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  1. Kari and I are in love with Adalia!! We can't wait to meet her someday!